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Another Minnesota winter is upon us, and we are experiencing sub-zero temperatures. While you can’t do anything about the weather outside, you can make some simple changes at home to increase energy efficiency and keep that cold air out! Here are 9 helpful tips to get you started:

1. Use Blinds or Curtains for Strategic Window Insulation

Leave your south-facing windows uncovered during any sunny days.

Cover all windows after dark to create an insulating layer.

The thicker the curtain, the more effective the insulation


2. Turn Down the Thermostat at Night and While Away

Adjust the temperature while you’re at work, sleeping, or plan to be away for a while.

Turning your thermostat down by 10 degrees will save up to 15%.


3. Use a Space Heater

Place your space heater in the room your family uses most.

Turn your thermostat down 10-15 degrees. This not only saves you money, but also encourages

the family to spend time together in the warmest room in the house.


4. Reduce Ventilator Fan Use

These fans are your worst enemy during the winter months.

They remove a lot of hot air from your homes and quite quickly too. Turn them off when you can!


5. Raise your Humidity

Dryness makes the air feel colder. Your lips are chapped, and your skin is dry during the winter months.

Adding some moisture to the air will make you feel warmer, and it also allows the air to retain heat longer.


6. Eliminate Drafts

Make sure your home is well insulated.

Attics, outlets, door thresholds, window frames, chimneys, and plumbing

entrances are the biggest culprits for letting cold air sneak into your home.


7. Help Heat Flow Freely

Move your furniture to ensure that nothing is covering your vents.

Clean your vents if they are full of dust, dirt, or debris.


8. Use Heat-Shrink Film Over Windows and Glass Patio Doors

Yes, we know it’s not the prettiest addition to you home, and if installed poorly, it obstructs your view.

However, if you’ve got single-pane windows this is worth trying!


9. Don’t Neglect Furnace Maintenance

Clean your furnace filters when they look dirty.

Clogged filters reduce your furnace efficiency quite dramatically, so be sure to check them monthly.

Posted by Symone Weinandt on February 6th, 2019 10:14 AM

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